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MUJI Home Fair Exhibit at Shangri-La Plaza East Atrium

On October 1, 2021, we have opened our MUJI Home Fair Exhibit at the East Atrium of Shangri-La Plaza. In the Home Fair, we are showcasing furniture items and home accessories that we believe can help customers create a simple, pleasant life at home with good quality furniture that they use daily. MUJI offers simple furniture and home accessories that seamlessly blend with any interior to create natural and calming spaces. Customers can choose from a wide range of furniture and storage items to help declutter their living space and keep everything organized.

To add, we have an ongoing Home Fair Promotion where customers can get 10% OFF on select home items until October 31, 2021.

In the exhibit, we focused on four kinds of products that we believe are essential in one's home which are sofas, beds and mattresses, storage boxes, and tables.

Click here to view which items are on promo.

Choosing the right sofa

2.5 Seater Sofa

Our 2.5 Seater Sofas are made from high-quality goose feathers that keep the sofa plump and soft every time. It also has pocket coils inside its seat cushion that help maintain its shape. The cover of its body is made from down feather proof fabric which prevents feathers from coming out of the sofa.

Beads Sofa

Our beads sofa is perfect to use in small rooms and can easily blend in with other furniture. Its interior is composed of fine bead particles that give support from waist to neck for maximum comfort making it the perfect sofa for relaxing.

High Back Reclining Sofa

Easily recline the backrest of this seat to your preferred angle and feel relaxed anytime. This chair is made from crushed urethane for maximum softness and comfort. The covers are also removable and washable making them easy to maintain.

Choosing the right bed and mattress

When choosing the right bed for your home, it is best to consider different factors such as size, quality, design, and comfort. In MUJI, we know that each customer has different preferences as people live different lifestyles at home. With this, MUJI focuses on offering just the right products that are simple enough so that they can be used by anyone.


In MUJI, we offer different bed frame sizes from single to queen size. All our beds have simple and basic designs that are easy to assemble and can fit easily in any room

Wooden Pine Bed

This bed is made from natural Pinewood material for a simple and sturdy structure. Its design features the natural grain of the Pinewood which is light in color making it easy to pair with other furniture items at home.

Single: W100*D201.5*H74 cm Double: W143*D201.5*H74 cm Queen: W163*D201.5*H74 cm


Wooden Pine Bed

Our beds are made with quality Pinewood material that looks better as it ages. Our beds are produced to last for a long time with their simple and durable design.


Wooden Pine Bed Frame Storage Box

Our beds are designed with simple lines so that they can seamlessly fit in any room. By making each design simple we can give customers a chance to design their room based on their lifestyle and personality. Our beds also have a height of 30 cm so that there's room for storage underneath the bed. By doing so, customers can have more storage capacity and save space in their rooms. (Storage sold separately)


Pocket Coil Mattress

You can choose from a variety of mattresses based on your needs. Our Pocket coil mattresses have hourglass-shaped Bonnell coil springs inside which are interconnected vertically to support body weight.

Washable Mattress

On the other hand, you can choose our Washable Mattress. The core is made of Polyethylene with a well-structured mesh design - this provides supple support and good resilience for a good night's sleep. Both the cover and the main body of the mattress can be washed so that you can keep it clean and hygienic. It can be placed vertically and spread out as shown in the picture to allow air to circulate within the mattress. It can also be folded into 3 layers for easy storage and maintenance.

Shop for Washable Mattress »

Choosing the right storage boxes

With MUJI's storage supplies, you can choose from a variety of sizes and combine them freely to match your usage and space. Through proper storage of items, we can save space at home and achieve a clean and organized living space.

Stainless Unit Shelf Oak

Our Stainless Steel Unit Shelves are made with a combination of stainless steel and oak. The shelves can be arranged based on your preference and can be customized with optional parts so that you can turn them into a closet or a desk.

Shop for Stainless Steel Unit

Shelves Oak »

Oak Stacking Shelves

These stacking shelves allow you the create your own storage layout based on your needs. Our basic units come in 2, 3, and 5 rows that can be arranged horizontally or vertically.

Shop for Oak Stacking Shelves »

Oak Stacking Shelves

Our chest drawers can be used on their own or combined to create your own unique fixture, allowing you to organize and save space in your home or office. Plus these drawers fit perfectly in our storage furniture system, such as the MUJI Stacking Shelves.

Shop for Oak Stacking Shelves »

PP Storage Boxes and Cases

Left naturally uncolored, these cases are just translucent enough to show what’s inside without putting everything on display. It also features a modular and stackable design so that it will seamlessly fit with other furniture items and help you save more space. These storage boxes are available in different sizes to fit your storage needs.

Shop for Oak Stacking Shelves »

PP Sturdy Boxes

Our PP Sturdy boxes can be used to store a wide range of items from outdoor tools to gardening tools. These boxes are handy for storing items outside your home and are even sturdy enough to be used as a stool.

Shop for PP Sturdy Boxes »

Choosing the right table

Aside from using quality materials, what's great about our tables is that it has a simple design that can fit in any room whether it be for your living room, dining room, or study room. Choose from our selection of tables based on your needs.

Oak Foldable Table

This table is made with solid oak wood and features foldable legs to help you save space. Plus, with its simple design, you can easily place this in any room of your house as it blends seamlessly with other household items.

Shop for Oak Foldable Table »

Oak Wooden Table

Made with oak material, these tables are made sturdy so that you can use them for a long time. The legs of the table can be changed so that you can transform a dining table into a low table. All leg structures are screw-in type, so anyone can easily replace them.

Shop for Oak Wooden Table Top »

Shop for Oak Wooden Table Legs »

Free interior consultation services by our Furniture Specialists

On select weekends, our Furniture Specialists are available to help you visualize a space-efficient home with the MUJI’s simple aesthetic. Our Interior Advisor can help give recommendations on what MUJI furniture best fits your lifestyle at home as well or other household solutions.

Our MUJI Furniture Specialists are available from October 16-17,2021 and October 30-31, 2021. To experience our products, visit our Home Fair at Mid-level 2/3, East Atrium of Shangri-La Plaza.

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