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Key Essentials to Pack for Your Next Adventure

Summer has arrived, bringing with it endless vacation possibilities — whether you’re traveling solo, with friends, or with family. Wherever your destination is, whether it’s a local or international destination, ensure a hassle-free travel experience by packing these essentials, big and small, with MUJI.

Must-Have # 1: Travel Organizer

Before diving into outfit selection, make sure that you have your durable and portabe Polyester Gusset Case ready to provide convenient storage for your clothes and other items while traveling. It’s available in small, medium, double small, and double medium sizes. Pick among color options green, gray, black, and orange, to suit your preference.

Must-Have # 2: Breathable Clothing

Experience sweat-free comfort throughout your trip with lightweight cotton shirts, expertly designed to minimize the visibility of sweat stains.

Must-Have # 3: Pill Case

Organize your pills for medicine or vitamins with ease. This case features seven interconnected compartments to store your pills, perfect for one whole week. They are detachable and can be used independently.

Must-Have # 4: Travel Bottle

Bring along a versatile dispenser for your toner or other liquids. It’s designed for dispensing toner water, and can withstand temperatures up to 60° C and -20°C.

Shop for our PET Spray Bottle

Must-Have # 5: Wallet

Bring along a compact wallet that keeps your essentials safe on your adventures. Perfect for light travelers with jam-packed itineraries.

Shop for our Travel Wallet

Must-Have # 6: Water Bottle or Tumbler

Stay hydrated on the go with a lightweight bottle or tumbler like our Clear Travel Mug that comes in three sizes: 350mL, 550ml, 800mL. You can also add some fruits and ice for a refreshing twist. It has a one-handed opening and a built-in filter for your convenience.

Must-Have # 7: Neck Cushion

Relax in comfort with a neck cushion that adjusts to the movement of your body, providing support to your neck and waist for maximum relaxation while you nap. Available in colors beige, gray, and navy.

Must-Have # 8: Luggage Bags

Place your essentials in our sturdy Hard Carry Case. With an adjustable handle (in 1cm increments), secure push-button wheel locks, and double-sided wheels, it keeps your belongings safe. Available in red, beige, smoky orange, black, khaki green, navy, and green, in sizes from 20L to 105L to suit the length of your trip. Visit our stores to get spare parts that need replacement to be free from luggage worry.

Shop for our Hard Carry Cases

Where will your summer travels take you? Share how you pack your own travel items with MUJI, and tag us on social media. We’d love to see how you travel in comfort and style.

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