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Updated: May 28

Tips to Enhance Your Indoor Comfort this Summer

As the heat escalates, creating a peaceful and cozy environment inside your home becomes essential for your well-being. Consider following these actionable tips to ensure your home remains a cool and inviting sanctuary this summer.

Tip # 1: Stay Hydrated with Cold Refreshments

Quench your thirst and cool down your body by drinking iced water or beverages throughout the day. Keep a convenient jar filled with cold drinks nearby for instant refreshment as needed. 

Shop for our Drinking Glass

Shop for our Heatproof Glass Jar

Tip # 2: Relax On Cotton Furniture

Look for furniture that gives you a cool sitting experience, like our personal reclining sofa that’s made of a pulverized urethane cushion. Customize your lounging angle to your liking and enjoy the convenience of removable and washable covers. Complete your sofa ensemble with our matching ottoman.

Tip # 3: Add Plants for Better Air Circulation

Bringing plants such as the Green Snake Plant, Bonsai Money Tree, and Suamei into your home not only adds a pop of color and improves the air indoors but also helps reduce stress, brings good luck, and enhances your mood.

Shop for our Green Plants available in all MUJI branches 

Tip # 4: Serve Chilled Delights in Glass Bowls

Enhance your dining experience by serving chilled summer treats in glass bowls. Ours come in different sizes, perfect for serving salads and fruits.

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Tip # 5: Use an Essential Oil Before Sleeping

Enjoy our calming essential oil blend of bergamot, sweet orange, and natural extracts. Stored in amber bottles for sunlight protection. Use it in our quiet aroma diffuser for up to 180 minutes, complete with adjustable LED light with 2 brightness levels to suit your preference.

Tip # 6: Sleep Well with Our Cooling Linen

Drift into a deep slumber with our cooling linen series, featuring a special type of yarn designed to provide a refreshing sensation as you unwind. Our cooling pillowcases, fitted sheets, and duvet covers offer breathable comfort for a restful night.

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