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Embrace The Summer Season with These Essentials

As the temperatures rise and humidity increases, signaling the arrival of summer in the Philippines, many Filipinos eagerly anticipate beach trips, family picnics, music festivals, camping with friends, and various sports activities under the sun. It’s important to ensure that you can enjoy this season without any discomfort. Check out these essential items you should have to prepare for your summer adventures.

Must-Have # 1: Towels

Lower your body temperature by taking refreshing showers, followed by the use of our MUJI absorbent towels that are available in various sizes and colors to suit your preferences.

Must-Have # 2: Light and Comfortable Clothing

Opt for our thin, light-colored garments made from natural, cotton fabrics to stay comfortable yet fashionable in the summer heat.

Must-Have # 3: Water Bottle

Prevent hydration by carrying our reusable water bottle wherever you go. Add some fruits for a refreshing twist to your water.

Must-Have # 4: Cap or Umbrella

Shield your head and your face from the sun’s intense rays with our caps and umbrellas, reducing the risk of sun damage. Enjoy outdoor activities without getting sunburns or heat exhaustion while adding style to your summer outfit.

Must-Have # 5: Compact Rechargeable Fan

Keep your summer walks and commutes cool with our handheld fan. Designed to fit seamlessly in your bag or for easy use on-the-go. You can hold it upright while you travel or fold it on a flat surface. Fully rechargeable via USB connection.

Must-Have # 6: Iced Beverages and Soft Serve Ice Cream

Dine in at our Coffee Counters and enjoy the assortment of iced coffee drinks that we offer like Americano, Cafe Latte, Cafe Mocha, and Ichigo Cafe Mocha. Don’t forget to try our MUJI Curry meals and treat yourself to our soft serve treats. You are sure to enjoy our food and drinks, whether you’re dining in or opting for takeout.

Visit our Coffee Counter at MUJI SM Mall of Asia, MUJI Shangri-la Plaza, MUJI Central Square, MUJI SM North EDSA

Must-Have # 7: PP Sturdy Box

A strong box that can be used as storage for your picnic essentials, keeping your food and other items safe. It also doubles as a table or stool for added convenience.

Shop for our PP Sturdy Box

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