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Use the right tote based on your needs

Jute Bag

This tote can be used for various purposes with its natural look. The handle uses a cushioned core material that is convenient for both shoulder and hand-holding.

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Collapsible Water Repellent Tote Bags

This is the perfect tote to bring on rainy days as it is pre-treated with water repellent technology. It is also foldable so it’s easy to bring anywhere you go.

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Indian Cotton Canvas

Tote Bag

This tote can be used every day with its natural color that you can easily coordinate with your clothes. Comes with pockets inside to help you organize your belongings.

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Indian Cotton Double Handle Tote Bag

This bag is made from thick and durable organic cotton material and features two handles so it can be carried or hung on the shoulder. It has a large capacity making it convenient to use when shopping.

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Turkish Cotton My Bags

This simple bag is made with 100% organic cotton which you can use to carry a few items. You can also customize it by adding designs on the front to make it your own.

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