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5 Must-Have Back-To-School Essentials

Amidst the hustle and bustle of school life, especially during the rainy season, having the right essentials and comfortable clothing is key. Simplify your tasks by focusing on items that truly enrich your student life, fostering peace and contentment.

Explore this blog post to discover how these essential MUJI items can enhance joy and efficiency in your daily school routine.

Write Smoothly With a Gel Ink Pen

Draw and write with pens that are designed with a superior writing experience. Look for those with a weighted design for stable writing, a low center of gravity, and a knurled grip to prevent slipping. It also has a display window that shows the lead grade in use.

Jot Down Notes in a Handy Notebook

Find a notebook that’s made with high-quality paper to give a comfortable writing experience. Organize your thoughts throughout the day to prepare for your tasks both mentally and logistically.

Organize Your Study Desk with Functional Storage Solutions

Use cases and drawers that are perfect for organizing and displaying items such as stationery and accessories. Make sure to choose sturdy options that are scratch-resistant to protect your items.

Protect Your Essentials with a Water-Repellent Backpack

Whether it's schoolbooks, laptops, and others daily essentials, protection is essential. Choose a water-repellent backpack that shields your belongings from rain, with cushioned shoulder pads for comfort and a mesh pocket to safeguard your laptop from scratches.

Be Ready for the Rainy Weather with Cozy and Comfortable Clothing

Look for a hoodie as your essential layer for casual comfort—a cotton blend with a relaxed fit, handy pockets, and stretch elastic cuffs. Pair it with our water-resistant cap—a soft cotton hat with a wide brim and UPF50+ protection, perfect for rainy or sunny days. Its adjustable design ensures comfort all day long.

Walk Around in Ease with Water-Repellent Shoes

Your footwear should keep you comfortable and last through your day. Look for shoes that are both stylish and practical, especially those with a water-repellent finish that's perfect for rainy days. This ensures your daily commute is easier and more enjoyable.

Unwind with An Aromatic Ambience

Amidst a busy schedule and numerous items on your to-do list, cultivating a tranquil, aromatic atmosphere in your study room is crucial. Opt for an aroma diffuser that disperses a calming mist without heat or flame, offering a safer alternative to scented candles. Its portability allows you to enjoy its benefits wherever you study.

From garments, stationery, and household items, ensure you're equipped with our durable, water-repellent items both on rainy days and for tackling everyday school  requirements no matter what time it is no matter where you are. Our commitment to quality and functionality ensure you're prepared for whatever the day brings, making each moment more comfortable and efficient.

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