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How to Enhance Your Wardrobe with Comfortable and Natural Materials

On your journey to daily comfort this season, it’s a must that you incorporate natural fabrics into your wardrobe. These items should not only feel great on your skin and look good on you, but should also leave a positive impact on the planet. Discover how these materials offer comfort, breathability that transcends any fleeting trend.

Choose to Wear Airy Shirts That Keep You Cool

Introduce patterns into your wardrobe with shirts made of Madras fabric, intricately handcrafted in the heritage of India that features a dual-color print pattern. Breathable and made from cotton, these shirts offer unparalleled comfort when worn.

Put on Durable and Breathable Shorts

Embrace comfortable shorts for everyday wear and relaxation. Look for options that effortlessly dispel odors during wash cycles, ensuring your freshness all day long.

Experience Comfort with Right-Angled Socks

Walk with ease in our socks crafted from soft cotton-pile and reinforced with durable threads, providing unmatched comfort and support with every step. Enjoy breathability and odor resistance, making them ideal for all-day wear.

Transport Your Items with a Convenient Backpack

Look for a stylish backpack with ample storage space but provides all-day comfort. Get our Less Tiring Backpack that features cushioned pads that reduce pressure on your shoulders, along with a mesh pocket inside for laptop storage. With its water-repellent qualities, rest assured your valuables will stay safe and dry. It's suitable for any occasion, whether you’re headed to school, work, or on vacation.

Use a Hand Carry Bag That’s Durable and Eco-friendly

For smaller items, choose a bag that helps with environmental conservation wherever your journey takes you. Whether you’re grocery shopping, bringing documents to work or school, or enjoying a picnic in the park, find a bag that safeguards your belongings with its sturdy fabric but also prioritizes your comfort, whether carried by hand or worn on the shoulder. Purchase our jute bags in different sizes A6, B5, A4, and A3.

Shop for our Jute Reusable Bag

As you improve your wardrobe and seek items that help you stay cool in the heat, let MUJI be your partner in committing to environmental stewardship and sustainable living. Join our community on social media and share with us your posts, showing how you live naturally and comfortably with MUJI.

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