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Top 1: Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser

Uses ultrasonic waves to effectively diffuse and dispense fragrant mist in any room or space. It works without heat for you to enjoy the pure aroma of the MUJI essential oils.

Top 2: Gel Ink Pen Knock Type 0.5 Black

Designed with just the right thickness for a more comfortable grip. Its ink flows smoothly so that you can easily write with little to no pressure. To reduce waste, we made the pen's body more durable so it can be reused. Simply purchase our pen refill when you run out of ink.

Top 3: PP Shower Brush

Has bristles made from flexible nylon material that is gentle on the skin. It also features a grooved handle for a comfortable grip and a hole at the tip to enable you to hang it when not in use.

Top 4: Nail Clippers with PP Case

Each nail clipper is shaped and adjusted by Japanese craftsmen to create precision blades that make each cut smooth and clean. These are also inspected one by one to make sure that each nail clipper is in excellent form. Plus, it features a PP case that catches each nail that has been cut for easier cleaning up.

Top 5: Legless Chair

This chair can be used on the floor or on the bed and features a 6-stage reclining function that you can adjust based on your preference. It also features a removable cover that is machine washable for easy cleaning.

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Top 6: Good Fit Right Angle Sneaker-in Socks

These socks are knit at 90° to perfectly fit the angle and contour of the heel so that you can move freely without it slipping out of position. It also has deodorizing features to keep your feet smelling fresh and clean all day.

Top 7: Water Repellent Organic Cotton Sneakers

These sneakers have specially designed insoles for the best walking comfort. Plus, these are pre-treated with water repellent technology to prevent your feet from getting wet on rainy days.

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Top 8: Jute My Bag A3

This bag is made using uncolored jute material. It can be used in various ways with its simple and natural look. It also features a cushioned handle so that it is convenient and light on the shoulder.

Top 9: Handy Shredder

This handheld shredder lets you shred sensitive documents without the use of electricity. It is designed small and compact for easy use and storing.

Top 10: 3 Pack 3 Layer Mask

Made of 100% cotton that feels soft and breathable. Each mask features 3 layers of fabric for your comfort and safety. The outer material of the mask is processed for source control and to help reduce odors. This mask is washable and reusable, helping to reduce waste.

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