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Tips on how to protect yourself from the summer heat

Tip#1: Always bring an umbrella whenever you leave the house

Protect your skin from harmful UV Rays by using an umbrella. Being exposed to the harsh sun can have damaging effects on your skin. Choose an umbrella that is small and lightweight so that it’s convenient to bring wherever you go.

Tip#2: Always keep hydrated

Always have a glass of water beside you or bring a reusable water bottle whenever you leave the house. Humid days can cause us to sweat more which is why it is important to rehydrate and return the water that we have lost.

Tip#3: Wear light colored clothing such as white

Light colors reflect heat instead of absorbing it which is why white is the best color to wear in summer. By wearing light colored clothes we are able to keep our body cool.

Tip#4: Use a small desk fan as you work

Being in front of a computer for long periods of time can get uncomfortable during the summer since it generates heat. By adding a small desk fan, you’ll be able to work more comfortably.

Tip#5: Take a cool shower before going to bed

By taking a shower before sleeping, you can lower your temperature and rinse away the sticky feeling of the day. A shower can definitely help make you feel more comfortable as you'll feel more cool and clean as you sleep.

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