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Tips on how to have a comfortable summer

Tip #1: Wear light comfortable clothing

Light colors reflect heat instead of absorbing it which is why white is the best color to wear in summer. Also, choosing garments with light materials like hemp offers comfort. With its superior moisture absorption, it allows to quickly absorb any perspiration making them comfortable to wear all day long.

Tip #2: Keep Hydrated

Always bring water with you, using lightweight travel bottles. It is important to rehydrate and return the water that we have lost during the humid days.

Tip #3: Wear Comfortable Footwear

Choose slippers that are not only soft but can also provide support, making them comfortable to wear for a long period of time during any season.

Tip #4: Wear A Hat

Protect your skin from harmful UV Rays by using a hat. Being exposed to the harsh sun can have damaging effects on your skin. Choose a hat that is lightweight with a wide brim and a UV shielding rate of 90%.

Tip #5: Have a cool shower

By taking a cool shower daily, you can lower your temperature and rinse away the sticky feeling of the day. A shower can definitely help make you feel more comfortable as you'll feel more cool and clean. Also use towels with organic cotton threads allowing good water absorption that is suitable for everyday use.

Tip #6: Take comfortable naps anywhere

Enjoy your indoor or outdoor naps with a comfortable napping mat made of cotton with good cushioning. Roll up the mat to save space when not in use. Or you can also fold it in half or quarter to have a thicker mat, great for watching movies or reading books while lounging.

Tip #7: Enjoy cold beverages

Feel relaxed and refreshed while you enjoy your favorite iced coffee drinks at MUJI’s Coffee Counter. Experience the coffee counter for yourself, or come visit with your friends and family.

MUJI Coffee Counter is located at MUJI Central Square, BGC

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