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Updated: May 16, 2022

Beautiful dust bins that will seamlessly blend in any room

Our dust bins are molded in a rectangular shape so that they can fit neatly in any room corner. If you don't need a lid, leave it as it is, and if you are worried about seeing dust, please use the separately sold lid. These dust bins are made of durable polypropylene material and have a simple design that will seamlessly blend in any room.

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The PP Dust Box comes in 2 sizes - small and large. Both sizes come with a stainless steel frame which you can use to hang garbage bags inside.

You can also add casters to the PP Dust Box to make it easier for you to clean the area where it is placed and to move it around.

Choose the right lid for your PP Dust Bins

Use any of the 5 lids below based on your needs. All lids can be used for the small and large PP Dust Bins.

1. Simple Type

It can be used to cover items like aluminum cans or glass bottles when sealing the lid is not necessary.

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2. Sliding Window

Convenient to use when you want to keep the lid open for a while, such as when cooking.

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3. Lock Type

The lock design allows it to be fixed on the PP Dust Bin, making it suitable for storing large amounts.

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4. Horizontal Opening

This design allows you to open your dust box horizontally so that you can maximize your space.

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