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Top 1: Gel Ink Pen Knock Type 0.5

Designed with just the right thickness for a more comfortable grip. Its ink flows smoothly so that you can easily write with little to no pressure. To reduce waste, we made the pen's body more durable so it can be reused. Simply purchase our pen refill when you run out of ink. Comes with a variety of unique colors to choose from.

Price starts at Php 55

Top 2: Jute My Bag

This bag is made using uncolored jute material. It can be used in various ways with its simple and natural look. It also features a cushioned handle so that it is convenient and light on the shoulder. It comes in different sizes too.

(Photo features A6 size)

Price starts at Php P105

Top 3: PP Case for Glasses & Accessories

A PP case suitable for storing glasses vertically or using as a pen stand with its compact size, making it easy to carry. Available in two sizes.

Price starts at Php 85

Top 4: Good Fit Right Angle Sneaker-in Socks

These socks are knit at 90° to perfectly fit the angle and contour of the heel so that you can move freely without it slipping out of position. It also has deodorizing features to keep your feet smelling fresh and clean all day.

Price starts at Php 175

Top 5: Planted Wood Ruled Craft Notebook (Pack of 5)

Craft notebooks that are perfect for taking down notes or journaling. The set includes 5 pcs per pack. Has different colors on each notebook so that you can easily identify which subject it is for. The cover is plain and the inner pages are vertically symmetrical, allowing it to be used from any direction - top, bottom, left or right. It is thread bound allowing it to lay flat when used for easy writing. The ink does not bleed through the pages even when writing with a highlighter or ball pen.

Price starts at Php 195

Top 6: Polycarbonate Mechanical Pencil - 0.5mm

A simple designed led pencil made with durable polycarbonate. It has a rubber grip finish to prevent your fingers from slipping when sketching or writing.

Price starts at Php 50

Top 7: Foaming Net Ball

The fine mesh net is shaped into a ball for use in the shower. Use with soap or shower gel to whip up a light foam to provide a gentle exfoliation to the body. Available in two sizes.

*Sorry, this item is currently out of stock. We'll update our Online Catalog once it's available again. Thank you for understanding!

Price starts at Php 75

Top 8: Water Based Felt Tip Pen

Comes with a variety of unique colors to choose from. These felt tip pens have a smooth texture that is long-lasting. It provides a smooth writing experience. Can be used for taking down notes or as a marker.

Price starts at Php 75

Top 9: Turkish Cotton Reusable Bag

A versatile and reusable tote bag that can be used as a casual handbag or an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. Made with 100% Organic Cotton.

Price starts at Php 75

Top 10: Heavy Weight Jersey Short Sleeve T-Shirt

A sturdy t-shirt made with pilling-resistant yarn. Two times thicker than a Jersey t-shirt. Pre-washed for a well-worn feel. Made with Organic Cotton.

Price starts at Php 795

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