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Quality items that you can use again and again  

Gel Ink Pens and Refills

These ballpoint pens can be refilled with different colors and ink types so that the main body can be used for a long time.

Toilet Brush and Refill

No need to throw away your toilet cleaning set. Simply refill your old toilet brush case with a new toilet brush refill. Saving money can also mean less waste.

Towel with Further Options

When towels get damaged over time, you can downsize and repurpose them. The vertical and horizontal lines on the towels act as markers that do not produce pile-fabric waste when cut with scissors.

PP Binders & Loose Leaf Papers

Instead of purchasing new notebooks, use a durable PP Binder which you can reuse once you use up all the pages. Simply insert loose-leaf papers inside to make your notebook new again.

Lint Roller

Our lint rollers can also be reused even after you use up all the adhesive roller tape. Simply purchase a lint refill when you run out.

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