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Updated: May 16, 2022

MUJI Water Refilling Service

With the aim of creating a better relationship with nature, MUJI introduces its reusable water bottles and water refilling service to promote the recycling of natural resources and the reduction of waste. As part of its efforts to reduce plastic waste, MUJI Philippines will offer reusable water bottles at Php 160 each.

In addition to this, a free water refilling station is also available in MUJI's Shangri-La Plaza store. Customers who have their own reusable bottle or MUJI My Water Bottle are encouraged to use the water refilling station - this provides the opportunity to consider the environmental implications of using single-use plastic. MUJI believes that this simple act, when done together, can help reduce the amount of plastic waste. MUJI aims to work together with its customers through simple ways that can help conserve the environment.

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