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The outer fabric has been subjected to a deodorization process, and can easily be removed and washed. Use of low rebound urethane foam allows the pillow to sink slowly. 

Urethane Pillow with Case

SKU: 4550512103097
  • The cover can be removed for washing.
    Urethane foam is flammable; do not expose to open flames (e. g. lit cigarettes) or sources of high temperature (e. g. heaters).
    The main body cannot be washed at home or dry cleaned. If it gets dirty, dilute the detergent, apply it to a towel, and wipe it off by tapping it. Then wipe off the detergent with a towel soaked in water and let it dry immediately.
    Discolouration of the urethane foam does not affect the performance of the product. Due to the characteristics of the materials, the product has a smell at the beginning of use. If this is bothersome, air in a well-ventilated, shady place.
    Depending on storage conditions, urethane foam may deteriorate, such as strength being reduced, in 2 to 5 years. Avoid high temperature and humidity and store in a place with good ventilation.
    Make sure to use with the cover on.
    Due to the characteristics of the material, cracks may appear on the surface of the urethane foam. Be careful when handling outer shell.
    The surface of the urethane foam has air bubbles. This is due to the manufacturing process and will not affect the use.