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A citrus and floral scent. Recommended for use living rooms or bedrooms for tranquility.
 Ingredient: Citrus bergamot (Bergamot)
 Fragrance Type: Citrus
 Direction for use: Add a few drops into the aroma diffuser.
 Care Instructions:
 -Do not apply directly to the skin.
 -Do not drink or consume this product.
 -Keep away from children and pets.
 -Keep away from fire, and do not store in places with high temperature and humidity or direct exposure to sunlight.
 -Infant, elder, and pregnant women should consult with the doctor before using this product.
 -Discontinue use in case you feel any abnormality during or after use.
 -Always close the cap tightly and store in an upright position.
 -Please use up in 6 months after opening.
 -One drop is equivalent to 0.05mL.
 -Please read the corresponding instruction manual carefully before use.
 -This oil is made from 100% essential oils extracted from plants.
 -Since it is a natural ingredient, turbidity, precipitates, scent, and color changes may occur in rare cases, but does not affect the product's quality.
 -Due to the characteristics of glass bottles, the thickness of the bottle is not constant, so there may be a difference in the height of the liquid level.
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Essential Oil - Bergamot

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