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What is MUJI Curry?

The MUJI Curry line is our newest MUJI product in the Philippines. It is also known to be a best-seller in Japan. We first launched these in Manila on June 8,2023 at MUJI SM North EDSA. Starting November 16,2023, they are available in all our stores and online catalog (

We offer 7 curry flavors namely, Butter Chicken Curry, Dhal (Beans) Curry, Chicken Keema Curry, Green Curry, Chicken Masak Lemak Curry, Malaysian Chicken Curry, and Prawn Curry. Click here to know more about the curry flavors>>>

It’s a modern and convenient way of enjoying international food. We wanted to know more and got the opportunity to talk to MUJI Japan’s Food Merchandising Team to ask why they developed these pouched curries. Their team shared that curry was originally the national food in Japan. One of the reasons they considered developing curry was because of its affinity to Indian curry and Thai curry with Japanese people. They mentioned that there is a sense of familiarity to the cuisine which they think will make it easier for the market to welcome into their daily lives.

“MUJI’s philosophy is to learn from food cultures and communities around the world. By traveling to Thailand, India and other countries, this has ignited our interest in products which we think will be appreciated by the global market and bring convenience to one’s daily life. Through flavor and taste we are able to connect different cultures around the world. Our journey has also equipped us with extensive knowledge that goes beyond the concept of Japanese cuisine.” discussed by one of the managers of MUJI Japan’s Food Merchandising Team. Indeed, it was valuable information for us to know the thought process behind creating a unique product that ranges with different flavors from around the world. Every product has meaning and we are happy to share that the curry is a collaboration between different cultures.

Now that we know why the product was developed, we still wanted to know how it was developed and what benefits are there in a handy pouch packed with strong flavors. So we asked how each curry flavor is created and what is unique about this ready to eat curries.

They proudly answered “Passion, interest and respect for food concepts and different cultures have paved the way for us to create our MUJI Curry line. The first MUJI curry was developed in 2000 and the first flavor ever launched was Thai Green curry. In terms of developing curry, it consists of extensive research which usually takes a year to perfect by traveling to the origin of flavors and learning cooking style and techniques from the locals. We study different spices and local ingredients that families in those communities are using.”

It’s safe to say that MUJI Curries’ unique and savory flavors all come from the combination of a richly well balanced mix of spices and herbs. In this day and age, many value health and nutrition.

Lastly, knowing how well developed the curries are, we had to ask the best way to prepare it in order for us not to waste any of its goodness. “Most people eat the MUJI Curry pouch by heating it in boiled water or in the microwave. Majority eat it as is. However, we think there are a few people who add some ingredients or spices to it. This is also how we incorporate the MUJI way in our products that are designed to freely adjust to one's lifestyle and needs. We believe a good product is something that helps and adds joy to people’s lives…” MUJI Japan’s Food Merchandising manager happily answered.

After getting to know our MUJI Curry more from the people who invested time and effort to perfect an amazing and unique product, we are now more confident to share that our MUJI curry is delicious and worth a try.

In the Philippines, curry is not a local cuisine or a typical dish served in every Filipino home. But we are happy to see that many of our Filipino and foreign customers have shown appreciation and interest in MUJI’s take on authentic curry flavors. We introduced this new product in the country for our customers to enjoy real curry anytime and anywhere!

With this, we are looking forward to bringing in more curry flavors and making our MUJI curry more accessible nationwide in the near future.

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