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We will be welcoming our newest store in the Philippines in Central Square on June 3, 2022. Since opening our first store in the Philippines in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) back in 2010, we hope to once again delight the BGC community with our latest store environment via a 1,400 sqm space in Central Square located at the corner of 5th Avenue and 30th Street - a store that will be over three times the size of its previous store in Bonifacio High Street. With a much bigger space, we aim to enrich the daily lives of its customers, especially those in the BGC community, by offering products and services that are essential to achieving a simple pleasant life. With the opening of our second-largest store in BGC which features much larger spaces and new store contents, we aim to contribute more to the people, society, and environment within the community most especially.

Price Review

Aside from its new offerings, we will open our Central Square store with a selection of everyday products on Price Review. As we continue our initiative of making products that are more affordable for customers, we revisit prices of our best-selling items, especially everyday essentials. For this price review, we focused on basic everyday items that promote a simple and pleasant lifestyle, which customers can look at and say “This is enough”.

MUJI Water Refilling Station

With Bonifacio Global City known as a “walkable city”, we understand that making free drinking water available to customers and guests is an essential service to offer such an active community. With the Water Refilling Station, we aim to work together with our customers to reduce plastic waste and conserve our natural resources. Customers are encouraged to bring their own reusable bottle or MUJI My Water Bottle to the store instead of buying water in single-use plastic bottles.

Coffee Counter

For the opening of its newest store, MUJI will introduce its first coffee counter in the Philippines – a small space where customers can relax, work, or spend time with friends and family. The coffee counter features a cozy environment where customers can enjoy their favorite coffee or tea drink with some light snacks that are inspired by Japanese treats.

MUJI Walker

MUJI Central Square store will also house our largest display of MUJI Walker items (activewear line). With its line of activewear, we aim to promote the importance of staying active in order to live a full and healthy life. The MUJI Walker series is made of soft, smooth and stretchy fabric and is equipped with sweat absorbent and quick-drying features which are ideal for at-home exercises, outdoor activities, or even traveling.

MUJI Innerwear

MUJI Central Square store will also offer a wide selection of Men’s, Ladies’, and Children’s innerwear which are made with 100% organic cotton. MUJI’s innerwear line is cool and comfortable on the skin, even in the summer, due to its excellent breathability.

MUJI Children’s Wear

MUJI will also offer its selection of Children’s clothing and accessories to the BGC community for the first time. These are everyday Children’s wear that are tailor-fit for every stage of childhood. Made with 100% organic cotton, MUJI Children’s wear are designed for all-day comfort and are easy to wear for young kids, providing convenience for parents.


Our newest store will also offer MUJI Labo, our line of unisex clothing. MUJI LABO is a laboratory for the concept of distance from excessive fashion. We wanted to create a clothing line that gives a feeling that it can be worn by anyone, regardless of gender, age, or body type with its simple and streamlined design featuring colors and shapes for easy coordination. With LABO, both men and women can create a wardrobe that only has what is essential and can easily be shared between couples and other members of the family.

MUJI Advisors

MUJI Central Square will also offer free consultation services for our customers via its Advisors.

The Interior Advisor can help give recommendations on what MUJI furniture best fits a customer’s home. The Styling Advisor service can help give guidance on which MUJI clothing fits their lifestyle and personal taste. Lastly, the MUJI Experience Advisor can suggest items such as skincare and stationery products that are used daily, fit to a customer’s lifestyle.


MUJI Central Square will also have an Open MUJI space, which will provide a venue to showcase MUJI concepts and hold various activities. The Open MUJI Area is a platform where the brand can communicate and convey its message with customers. During opening, this space will be used as an extended seating area for coffee counter customers.


With MUJI Central Square being located at the heart of BGC, we wanted to showcase the community's love for art by partnering with local artists for our opening.

For MUJI, art is an embodiment of how we live. With our vision of creating a simple and pleasant life for society, we want to use art as a way for people to express themselves freely or as a means to connect them with other people and society.

Eco Card

As part of MUJI’s efforts to create a better relationship with nature with the help of its customers, we are offering a free MUJI Eco Card to all MUJI Members. Members are encouraged to use their own reusable bags in lieu of MUJI packaging or by using the MUJI Water Refilling Station with their own reusable water bottle. Read more of this promotion here.

In the Philippines, MUJI is located at Greenbelt 3, Power Plant Mall at Rockwell, Shangri-La Plaza East Wing, and SM Mall of Asia. For more details visit or follow @muji_ph on Instagram.

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Unknown member
15. Nov. 2022

Do you have a contact number?

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Unknown member
15. Nov. 2022

Hi! I need to talk to Customer Service - my suitcase handles melted and came off - can they be replaced?

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Unknown member
07. Sept. 2022

I don't understand MUJI selling T-shirts with prints. Did you forget that your brand is about having no brand and no design because this is all about simplicity.

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Unknown member
25. Aug. 2022

On June 3, 2022, we will open our newest store in the Philippines in Central Square. Since opening our first store in the Philippines in Bonifacio Global City (BGC) back in 2010, we hope to once again delight the BGC community with our most recent store environment. This store will be 1,400 sqm in size and will be located in Central Square at the corner of 5th Avenue and 30th Street. Its previous store was on Bonifacio High Street. With a much larger space, we hope to improve the daily lives of its clients, particularly those in the BGC neighborhood, by providing goods and services that are necessary to living a straightforward, enjoyable life. When our second-largest store opened. If…

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