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Tips on how to create happy days at home

Tip#1 Don’t forget to take breaks

Taking breaks is important as it helps you unwind and reset your mind. Never feel guilty about taking a rest as it will help you feel less overwhelmed when studying or working.

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Tip#2 Boost the mood by using bright and natural scents with your aroma diffuser

Good scents help release feel-good endorphins and serotonin which can improve your mood and ease your tension.

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Tip#3: Wear soft and comfortable clothing that feels light on the skin even on hot humid days

Wearing comfortable clothes can make you feel more confident and happy.

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Tip#4 Start your day with a warm cup of coffee or tea

Drinking something warm can help awaken your senses and boost your mood throughout the day.

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Tip#5 Wear comfortable slippers that are soft on your feet

Choose slippers that are not only soft but are also light on the skin, making them comfortable to wear even in summer.

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