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Updated: Nov 21, 2022

MUJI Gifts For Everyone To Make This a Holiday To Remember

Christmas is just around the corner. Find meaningful gifts for yourself and your loved ones at MUJI.

From November 4 to December 26,2022, we will be offering our most anticipated MUJI Christmas bundles again to celebrate the holiday season. This time of the year, you can show your appreciation to your loved ones by offering them purposeful gifts that add more joy and meaning into their lives. As Christmas day comes closer, we want to present a selection of Christmas Bundles with personal meaning to strengthen connections between family members, couples, and friends. These Christmas bundles also come in a promotional price that will give customers extra savings.

A MUJI Gift For Everyone

Gifts to help you organize your daily life

These gift sets are made with our best-selling stationery products, from our 2023 Planners and calendars to our best-selling gel ink pens. These are things that you can use to help your daily life more organized and help you achieve your plans ahead. A more organized work space will also enable you to be more productive.

Gifts to make your daily life more comfortable

These gift sets are the perfect gifts to give to a loved one who likes their homes always in order and pleasant. These bundles contain everyday essential products that you can use to improve your quality of life at home.

Gifts of time and memories

(These bundles are only available in our MUJI Online Catalog.)

These gift sets are perfect to place on anyone's desk or nightstand. These bundles come with clocks and acrylic frames that will seamlessly blend in any room while reminding people of the memories that they have shared with their loved ones.

Gifts of Relaxation

These gift sets are the perfect reminders for your loved ones to relax, take a break and enjoy the moment. With the ambient light of the ultrasonic aroma diffuser and the calming scents of the essential oils, the person who receives this gift can instantly transform any room into a place of zen.

Jute My Bag

As part of our efforts to reduce waste and help mother nature, we are also offering 20% off on our Jute My Bags when you purchase it with any Christmas Bundles. Together with our customers, we aim to reduce single-use packaging.

Enjoyable Christmas Activities For MUJI Members

To show our appreciation to our beloved MUJI Members, we will be hosting exciting activities and promos that will make your Christmas shopping more enjoyable.

Christmas Bingo Card

November 4 to December 26,2022

You can get an additional discount on your basket by joining our Christmas Bingo. Complete your MUJI Bingo Card to get a Php 100 discount.

*Terms & conditions apply

Christmas Raffle Gift from MUJI to You

Nov. 17 - Dec. 20,2022

5 lucky winners can get a chance to win a gift from each MUJI store. MUJI members may join our Christmas raffle and win special prizes worth P1,500 that can help improve their daily life.

*Terms & conditions apply

#MyMUJIHoliday Gel Ink Pen Art Contest

Nov. 15 - Dec. 20,2022

We are inviting all artists out there to join our Online Art Contest #MyMUJIHoliday! Using MUJI gel ink pens, participants are asked to design or draw their answer to the question “What does Christmas mean to me?” 3 Winners will receive a P2,000 worth of MUJI stationery gifts and a chance to get featured on our pages.

*Terms & conditions apply

MUJI is here to bring people closer and help you make memorable memories. Enjoy an array of practical gifts ranging from daily wear, household goods to personal care items to make this a holiday to remember.

Not a MUJI member yet? Signing up is easy and free!

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