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1. MUJI e-gift cards are exclusively available and sold in MUJI Online Catalog (

2. MUJI e-gift cards can only be used in MUJI Online Catalog delivery or pick up orders. 

3. MUJI e-gift cards have no expiration date. 

4. Each MUJI e-gift card unique code can only be used once. 

5. Only one (1) MUJI e-gift card can be used per order. 

6. MUJI allows exchange of purchased e-gift to higher or lower denomination to cater to your order needs. Send a message via website chat or email at

7. For bulk, corporate, or higher denomination e-gift card order inquiry or assistance, please send a message via MUJI website chat or email at

8. You may only purchase one (1) e-gift card denomination per order. If you wish to purchase different denominations, kindly do a separate order per denomination.

9. You may not purchase products together with an e-gift card in one order. If you wish to purchase products and e-gift card, you may do so by placing two separate orders.

10. If you have any concerns regarding e-gift cards, you may send a message via MUJI website chat or email at


1. Visit MUJI Online Catalog.

2. Choose desired e-gift card amount/denomination: P500, P1000, P2000, P3000, P4000, or P5000. 

3. Indicate quantity of e-gift card that you want to purchase. 

4. Choose e-gift card recipient (for someone else or for yourself).

5. Indicate recipient's email address, name, delivery date, and message. 

Note: e-gift code will only be sent on the set day once e-gift order has been paid.

6. Click "Buy Now". 

7. Fill up form with your Name, Last Name, and Mobile Number. 

8. Click "Place Order and Pay".

9. You will receive an order confirmation with payment instruction. 

10. Once e-gift order is settled and paid, e-gift code will be sent to recipient and is ready for use. 

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