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Pirates 2005 (April-2022)




Category:Drama films based on actual events Category:English-language films Category:Pirates Category:2005 films Category:Pirate films Category:Films directed by Craig Gillespie Category:Films scored by RZA Category:Films set in the 17th century Category:Films set in the Caribbean Category:American action adventure films Category:2000s action films Category:2000s adventure films Category:Films shot in the Bahamas Category:2000s historical films Category:American historical films Category:Lakeshore Entertainment films Category:Underwater action films Category:Paramount Pictures films Category:American filmsThe San Francisco Bay Area is a hotbed for creative people. It's home to the Bay Area Art Institute, the M.F.A. Art Institute, and a number of excellent art schools. And it's known for its music scene, from the Fillmore and the Crocodile Cafe in the '60s to the current hotbed of the Mission and 24th Street. But the area is also home to a number of less recognized institutions. Take the offices of the '80s pop band Veruca Salt, which was known for songs like "Eenie Meenie" and "Cannonball" and contained three members who went on to record successful solo albums. For the band's bassist, Steve Hanft, it's a low-key office full of bohemian-style posters. But for the last 18 years, it's been the site of a secret cabal of almost 300 individuals who swap stories and plans and ideas and dreams. Every other week, they get together for a study group, called the Anomaly, that meets for two hours. They're all musicians, writers, designers, scientists, mathematicians, and businesspeople. They're all people who think they're artists, and they're all turned on by the idea of being a part of something greater than themselves. "If a bunch of different people come together and form a group that has a mission or a purpose or a goal, a lot of times, it's the way for someone else to join the group," says Anomaly participant Joshua Mendelson. "I think it helps us realize that we have the capacity to create something of value and to improve the world, that we have something to contribute to the world that's bigger than our individual selves." While




Pirates 2005 (April-2022)

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