Made with organic cotton. Inner fabric is pile woven while the outer fabric is knitted with uneven yarn for a fluffy touch.

Slub Yarn French Terry Zip Hoodie

  • -Dark-colored products may transfer color due to friction during use or contact in a wet state. When washing, please wash separately from other items.

    -Due to the characteristics of the material, fluffing and pilling may occur due to friction during wearing, washing and cleaning. In that case, please clean it with a fluff remover as soon as possible.

    -The produced product contains debris from the raw material plant. Since it is not dyed, there are some color differences depending on the product, and it gradually becomes whitish after washing and cleaning. Also, please be careful when washing and storing as it is easily discolored by the influence of light.

    -Due to the characteristics of the material, fluff may adhere to other things while wearing. In that case, brush it or remove it with tape.

    -Do not use detergent containing optical brightener on light-colored products.

    -Please use the laundry net.

    -Please use a cloth for ironing.

    -Do not rub the printed part with an iron.