Using cotton which is water-repellent against rain or water-based stains, its insole enhances wearing comfort.

Men's Water Repellent Comfort Sneakers

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  • -The shoes can be slippery on a wet road. Use extreme caution.

    -Stop wearing this product immediately if you suffer from rashes or itching.

    -Choose shoes fit for the purpose you will use them for, and avoid using them for purposes other than the intended one. Doing so may cause unexpected injuries from falls, etc.

    -When cleaning the outer surface, use water with some neutral detergent to remove dirt and then wipe with a wet cloth. Do not use shoe cream.

    -Dry in the shade.

    -Keep away from fire, as this may cause deformation or softening.

    -Avoid using in an oily place if possible.

    -Children should be supervised by a guardian when using this product.

    -Water repellency will gradually get lost during use.